Dublin Dock Development


The Dublin Dockland Development Authority has released the latest draft of its Planning Scheme for the Poolbeg Peninsula after consultations with residents, businesses, landowners and other stake-holders.


This Planning Scheme will shape the future of the peninsula for generations to come. The final scheme will be the framework for the development of the peninsula and will come within the Dublin Docklands Master Plan. This means that the normal planning permission procedure will be bypassed and development will be sped up, just as has already happened in the North and South Docklands.


The scheme is huge: as it stands it provides for 780,000 square metres of floorspace being added to the East of Ringsend, with almost 11,000 new residents and a new working population of 14,000 people. This will have a deep effect on this area of Dublin, and will have repercussions on all of our lives.


Catherine is aware of the central issues at stake. Transport is of prime importance for the success of any development. As well as public transport in the form of Luas and new bus routes, cycle and car routes will need to be upgraded. Recreation is also a priority: as well as the pre-existing nature park, beach and sports facilities, it is vital that there is proper open space, sports facilities and recreation opportunities for current and future residents. The height and density of new buildings is also going to affect local communities, so it should be planned and developed with the current residents in mind.


Catherine believes that for this to be a success the current residents of Ringsend, Irishtown and Sandymount must be consulted and involved at all stages, and any development must take into account the current communities, and not just the potential new residents. Development must be community-led and not developer-led. It must work to the benefit of the people who currently live, work and play in the area.


Catherine will be monitoring the scheme and working with local communities, local councillors and local TDs to ensure that the Poolbeg Peninsula Planning Scheme is in the best interests of all residents.

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