Motion from Councillor Catherine Noone- 8th MARCH 2010

Item No. 26

Motion from Councillor Catherine Noone
To ask the Manager to consider a solution to the parking problem at Holles Street Hospital. Currently there is no option for patients and partners of patients but to feed the meter for on street parking.


It is the policy of Dublin City Council to encourage modal change from private car use towards use of more sustainable forms of transport such as public transport,cycling and walking and by encouraging teleworking and car-pooling and car sharing.

The City Council’s on-street parking policy conforms to the above specific objective of the current Dublin City Development Plan. On-street parking is priced and limited to a maximum of three hours duration in order to deter long-stay parking in the city centre and its environs. Holles Street is situated in the Very High Demand Zone and the cost of parking on that street (€2.90 per hour) and adjacent streets must reflect this level of demand. However, the streets to the north and east of Grand Canal Street Lower/Hogan Place/Sandwith Street Upper are classified as High Demand, where the hourly parking charge is €2.40.

Many of the adjoining streets are residential or largely residential and the Council is obliged to cater for residents of these streets also when considering the appropriate parking regime in this area. Fenian Street, Merrion Square and the section of Erne Street Upper close to its junction with Hogan Place are mainly commercial and the Council’s policy is to encourage turnover of parking in order to enable persons conducting business in those streets to find available parking spaces when required.

Paid parking on these streets generally operates between 07:00 and 19:00, Monday to Friday/Saturday and there is no charge for parking outside the operational hours obtaining on an individual street (please always check signage –Meade’s Terrace and Holles Row have the more restrictive operational hours of 07:00-24:00, Monday to Sunday, as requested by the residents of these streets). Many of the nearby streets have paid parking only from 08:00 – 18:30, Monday to Friday. In addition, the Council has provided some 25 free parking spaces on the Holles Street side of Hogan Place and these spaces, which are convenient to the Hospital, may be used by persons accompanying or visiting patients in Holles Street Hospital at any time, subject to availability.

The Council’s Parking Tag mobile phone parking system enables a motorist to extend his/her parking (subject to the maximum parking session of three hours on any particular street) remotely without the necessity of attending a parking meter or returning to the vehicle. A reminder text ten minutes before the expiry of the parking session can also be booked. Please see for full details.

The Roads and Traffic Department would have no objection to the National Maternity Hospital making some off-street parking available to patients and their visitors; however, as stated above, the primary focus of the Council’s parking policy is the encouraging of modal change away from private car use.

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