Motion from Councillor Catherine Noone- 8th March 2010

Item No. 29

Motion from Councillor Catherine Noone
To ask the Manager to arrange for a review of Traffic Lights at Leonard’s Corner / Clanbrassil Street Dublin 8 with a view to improving the safety for pedestrians. A large volume of children use this crossing on a daily basis on their way to and from school. This crossing is also endangered with a filter light for traffic. A simple straight forward and inexpensive solution would be to review the timing and frequency of “Green Man” crossings. Despite the planned QBC project, an interim measure is necessary. The Manager might consider the re-timing of crossings to ensure that pedestrians can cross on both sides of the street. The current arrangement has all the potential for a serious accident to occur.

The junction has been examined and unfortunately, we are unable to increase the pedestrian priority at the traffic lights at the junction of South Circular Road and Clanbrassil Street.

The pedestrian crossings at the junction operates under our Traffic Management System (SCATS). It does not give an immediate green man when the pedestrian button is pressed. SCATS is an adaptive traffic system responding to real-time traffic demand and adjusting signal timings where appropriate using predefined plans.

The response time varies depending on the plan selected by SCATS at the junction. This can vary between 60 and 120 seconds depending on congestion. Unfortunately, as this junction is known to operate at capacity during much of the day, the conditions will never be ideal here while volumes remain as high as they are.

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