Motion from Councillor Catherine Noone-8th MARCH 2010

Item No. 25

Motion from Councillor Catherine Noone
To ask the Manager if she would review the HGV cordon as there have been complaints of the excess noise and reverberations from HGVs travelling through the Sandymount area.

Dublin City Council have an ambient sound monitoring network site at Ringsend, which is less than 300m away from the main Beach Road\ Sean Moore Road Junction. It is considered that this site would pick up on sound levels from most of the heavy traffic passing through the junction towards Beach Road.

The long term monitoring indicates an annual average day time level of 52 Decibels and a Night time level of 47 Decibels. Sound levels start to rise at approximately 4 a.m from a low of 44 decibels with an initial peak at 8am of just under 52 decibels followed by a mid day peak of just over 52 decibels, followed by a further peak at 4pm of 52 decibels when the sound levels then commence falling.

The monitoring indicates no significant influences between 6-7am in the mornings and the sound levels at this site follow much the same trend at our nine other sites around the City. The annual average figures at this site rank it the 7th lowest out of our ten sites. Both the night time and day time annual average levels fall within the ‘desirable level’ for both day and night time values as set out in the Noise Action Plan for the Agglomeration of Dublin.

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