Clouds and Silver Linings

“For those who are expert in the field of cloud computing, it is a wireless connection system to store data and information which is very easily retrievable — and, as a consequence, enlightens people like you and I who don’t understand what it means.”

With the above, Enda Kenny clearly explained what we mean by cloud computing: what he says above is absolutely right. In this field, we need to establish a competitive advantage and understand cloud computing, and the value of it, will prove a very valuable tool in our efforts to get cloud computing companies to consider Ireland as a location.

The announcements this week of jobs in Waterford, Dublin and Limerick – a total of 200 new positions – are a great start, and I really hope we can build from there. Ireland has a great infrastructure to attract such jobs: our usual factors (highly-educated population, English speaking, low corporation tax) and then some more unique ones (high number of European technology headquarters, increasing number of technology startups) that make us potentially more attractive to cloud computing companies. However, it’s our job – as politicians and as citizens -to push home this competitive advantage and make it as clear as possible. Today is just the start.

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