VAT Reduction – Who is passing it on? Who isn’t?

The VAT reduction, from 13.5% to 9%, was intended as a boost to our service economy, particularly in the areas of food and drink.

Based on a spot check of areas around Leinster House, I have been somewhat disappointed by the uptake: five out of ten outlets I visited had reduced their prices as a result of the scheme. Of the five that hadn’t: four said “they would be doing it soon”, while another said “the reduction in VAT had offset a planned price rise, and so no change would be necessary”.

I am dissatisfied by the explanation of the latter retailer and – as such – I think it would be appropriate and timely if people considered posting those who have not passed on the VAT reduction to We’ll publish the list here. Our office will follow up with them, and we’ll see what the explanation is.

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