Litter survey shows we need to think creatively about Dublin’s derelict sites

I believe that the latest results from Irish Business Against Litter survey show that it’s time to start thinking creatively about how derelict sites across the city are used.

The latest IBAL survey contains some very disappointing findings for Dublin residents. Despite the best State-wide results since 2002, the capital has recorded its worst result in years.

“The survey points to the problem of derelict and vacant properties, which are blighting many of our towns and cities. There are certainly plenty of such properties across Dublin. Some prominent sites in the city centre have been abandoned for upwards of ten years, which brings a social price for neighbouring properties and the local community.

I believe it’s time to start thinking creatively about how we can deal with these derelict sites. Surely some of the vacant buildings could be used to the benefit of the local community? I would encourage local people to make proposals on what they think should be done with empty buildings in their area.

However, vacant properties certainly aren’t the only problem in Dublin. According to today’s survey, much of the capital is ‘as littered as it has been in many years’. Sweet wrappers were the most prevalent type of litter, followed by cigarette butts, fast food wrappings, plastic bottles and chewing gum.

The Government is acutely aware of this issue, and the Minister for the Environment, Phil Hogan, plans to give local authorities greater powers to tackle those who litter and dump illegally. But it’s also down to each one of us, to make sure our local communities are kept clean and tidy.

It’s obvious that our clean-up teams around the city are doing the best job they can on a constrained budget. But as residents we are also ambassadors for our city and we need to work together to ensure its upkeep.”

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