Pharmacies selling “low-calorie meals” a potential danger.

I believe that pharmacies should reconsider their approach to the sale of quick fix diet and meal replacement products. Senator Noone said that not only do these products not work, they promote an unhealthy approach to nutrition.

The Irish Heart Foundation warned earlier this week on the perils of pharmacies selling products that claim to offer a short cut to weight loss. I have serious reservations about these products; not only do they fail to offer long term solutions to managing your weight, they can put your health in danger by lacking the nutritional benefits of a balanced diet.

I know that there are many enticing products on the market offering a quick fix solution which are critically lacking in nutritional value. The only way to maintain a healthy weight is through regular exercise and a balanced diet.

Pharmacies are places where people go to get reliable medical advice. For many ailments it’s possible to have a chat to your pharmacist and get the appropriate product without going to your GP. But I believe pharmacists are compromising their professionalism by also offering products that have extremely dubious health benefits.

Pharmacies should be sources of expertise when it comes to health and wellbeing. Yet, they continue to sell meals and products that enhance their profit margin and which are nutritionally lacking. This can’t be considered good practice. I am calling on pharmacies to reconsider the sale of these products. I would also like us to consider whether restrictions on the sale of quick fix diet products should be implemented.

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