Group After Group Coming Out For ‘Yes’ Vote

IBEC, the Irish Farmers Association and the American Chamber of Commerce are among the many large groups that have come out in favour of the Fiscal Compact Treaty in recent weeks.

That’s not to mention the three main political parties: Fine Gael, Labour and Fianna Fail.

The reality is that there are very few downsides to this treaty, while there are – for a small nation such as ours – many upsides. As we work through this transition period of recovery, confidence is a huge factor of taking us through our plans for the next two years: both domestic confidence in how our economy is being run and foreign confidence that Ireland is a safe place to invest. A ‘yes’ vote ensures confidence in this regard.

I will be working throughout Dublin South East to get a ‘Yes’ vote for May 31st. If you think you can help by volunteering to canvass or leaflet drop, please ring my office on 01 6183127 or email .

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