Dublin Bus App Logging 100k Visits A Day

Senator Catherine Noone today congratulated Dublin Bus on the success of their app, Dublin Bus Live, on the iPhone and Android Platforms. Senator Noone said: “With over 100,000 users per day, the app has allowed people to pick up their phone, drop their car keys and start using and relying on public transport in a more effective way than ever before. I predict that in the short to medium-term, this will be reflected with a rise in confidence around public transport and, ultimately, a rise in the numbers using it – which can only be a good thing”.

Senator Noone added: “It’s great to see Dublin Bus moving into the 21st Century like this. What needs to happen now is a tighter integration between transport systems in all respects. For instance, the ability to top up your Leap card within the Dublin Bus App would be a hugely desirable evolution. In addition, a faster online top-up of your leap card would also be desirable – currently it takes 24 hours to process, which can be counterproductive for some and – in this day and age – there’s no need for that”.

Senator concluded: “I welcome this development and, along with the 109 new real time bus information signs to be erected in the greater Dublin area, I hope that this allows more people to see public transport as a reliable, sustainable alternative to driving”.

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