Pull On The Green Jumper By Changing School Uniforms

Today I called on schools to adapt more standardised uniforms without a crest or logo, in order to save money for hard-pressed families. In the last week, we have had a large supermarket chain in Ireland launch a school uniform that costs €5. Some existing retailers do generic uniforms in a range of colours for around €10. I believe that, in order to save money, schools should absolutely look at doing away with specialised uniforms with logos.


In practical terms, it could be fairly straightforward. Schools in a local area could decide amongst themselves – much like many already have – what colour jumper would best suit their school and distinguish their students, and then from there allow those buying the uniforms to decide – in the free market – where to buy them from.


Money is tight for many families, especially when going back to school. This gives hard-pressed families an opportunity to save over €50 per child on a uniform – a not-insignificant amount for many families. I would hope that schools will consider this proposal, and I will raise the idea with the Minister for Education also.

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