Liffey Boardwalk should be open for business

I believe that there is a great opportunity available to the city, and that sections of the Liffey Boardwalk should be opened to buy or rent by businesses for use as a commercial space.

Allowing retail units to set up on the board walk will attract more visitors to the boardwalk and will help deter the anti-social behaviour that is currently undermining this wonderful resource for our city. It makes sense for the city’s coffers and it makes sense for local business. I believe that more people will be attracted to this excellent public space if they can be properly catered to here.

The creation of more cafés and retail units on the boardwalk would help re-invigorate an area that has become a magnet for anti-social behaviour. The City Council should consider allowing private businesses to either buy or let a portion of it and “set up shop” as appropriate. This would have the dual benefit of removing the anti-social behaviour and making the areas more pleasant, while also providing the city with some extra revenue.

I’m aware that there are one or two outlets selling coffee and refreshments, however I believe that this aspect of the boardwalk could be expanded greatly.

The boardwalk has the potential to be a real gem for Dublin but, at the moment, we can see that it isn’t fulfilling that potential. Inviting businesses into the area will help the boardwalk to fulfil its potential – while also giving the city more money to invest elsewhere.



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