Over 1,000 people pledge to buy Irish

I’m happy to say that my online petition to have Irish consumers pledge to convert their shopping baskets to Irish substitute goods has been a great success to date, with over 1,000 people signing up to buy at least 10% more Irish goods in 2013.

Today I have written to Irish consumer bodies, food producers and supermarkets ahead of a roundtable meeting to discuss how Irish goods can be promoted more effectively at home and abroad. Sometimes a thousand small gestures can have an impact and, with 1,000 people pledging to buy at least 10% more Irish-produced groceries in 2013, it’s a great start.

For me, as a consumer, I wanted to do something to help Irish businesses, suppliers and producers in 2013, and I could see no better way than changing my purchasing habits just a little bit and encouraging others to do the same. What I was amazed by was that it had no impact on my budget and, in some cases, I’m actually saving money by buying Irish.

I’m hoping that this will help make a real tangible difference in 2013, one that will be felt by producers, suppliers and consumers. And that, most of all, it will result in Irish companies growing their business, employing more people, and furthering their export reach.

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