Some multinational retailers still ripping off Republic

10 multinational retailers are heaping up to 40% extra cost on Irish customers to the price of their products

Fine Gael Senator for Dublin South East, Catherine Noone, has today denounced the pricing approach of a number of multinational retailers doing business in Ireland. Senator Noone made her comments following reports which showed 10 multinational retailers have heaped up to 40% extra cost onto their Irish customers compared to what their UK customers pay.

“There are huge price discrepancies between Ireland and the UK that just cannot be accounted for. It was bad enough when this was happening during the so called ‘Celtic Tiger’ era. In this day and age it is completely unacceptable.

“These chains are all high-street names and all are clearly adding a premium to their Irish prices, making them far more expensive than their UK counterparts. Even taking into account logistics and staffing costs, there is a huge premium – in many cases up to 40% – being added on to these items relative to their sale price in the UK. It’s absurd.

“Consumers deserve an answer on this and I’m working to get one. It’s time somebody stood up for ordinary customers and got a better answer than ‘it’s just a little more expensive here’.

“I have written to all the retailers demanding an explanation, and have written to the Consumer Association of Ireland (CAI) to urge them to investigate this issue further. The CAI needs to put together a report to show that it’s working on behalf of Irish consumers and to really put pressure on these retailers to explain themselves.”

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