Time For Alcohol Industry Levy

Senator Noone today spoke out supporting the recent comments by the Alcohol Forum, who called for a levy on the drinks industry to combat the effects of harmful drinking. Senator Noone, Fine Gael’s Seanad spokesperson on the Arts, has in the recent past said that she believes the arts and sporting groups “need to find different ways of sponsorship outside of alcohol – it’s an easy fix, and one which embeds alcohol too deeply in our society”.
Senator Noone said: “In recent years, we have come around to the environmental idea that the ‘polluter pays’. I believe the same should be done for alcohol consumption. It pollutes our bodies and costs us €1.2bn in alcohol-related crime*, €1.2bn in healthcare costs*, at least €527m in lost productivity*** and subtracts an unknown total from our society. As such, I believe a levy on these huge conglomerates is something worth exploring”.
Senator Noone continued: “Given the immense profits that are being made in this industry, I think it’s time they stumped up and gave back”.

*In 2007

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