Time To Consider A Fizzy Drinks Tax

Fine Gael Dublin Senator Catherine Noone today called on the Minister for Health to consider a tax on sugar-sweetened drinks. Following on from comments by the Irish Heart Foundation, Senator Noone said “it’s a straightforward proposition: we have an obesity timebomb on our hands as a society, and we need to start trying to prevent that now”.

Senator Noone added: “The obesity epidemic is coming, and we need to take preventative action and, in addition, raise money to pay for obesity-related illnesses that are absolutely on the rise”.

Senator Noone continued: “With countries around Europe considering this, I think it’s something we seriously need to look at: it can be imposed easily, it would help act as a deterrent and it may begin to change behaviour and patterns of consumption.”

Senator Noone concluded: “One in three Irish adults are overweight now already, while a heartbreaking 15% of 2-to-4 year olds are considered overweight too. Ultimately, obesity is going to cost everybody in terms of increased healthcare costs and I believe in personal responsibility, so if you choose to drink sugary drinks, you should pay a little bit extra”.

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