Joined Up Approach Needed In Healthcare

Senator Noone today spoke about a concerning issue that has arisen in the Irish medical industry, highlighted by an undercover story in the Irish Examiner. Speaking on the issue, Senator Noone said: “A story appeared this week in the Irish Examiner which has caused me concern []. The crux of the matter is that this young woman, who was suffering from no anxiety or depression whatsoever, managed to get seven prescriptions from seven different doctors. There are three aspects which are hugely concerning here: firstly, that 100% of the doctors identified a false positive when diagnosing someone and, secondly, that only two of the doctors asked to see a medical history. Thirdly, that they didn’t spell out the side effects which could be endured”.

Senator Noone continued: “If we are to have a holistic and useful approach to mental health in Ireland, it is important that – at the very base level – doctors and chemists are able to communicate with each other using one unified platform. Doctors need to be able to see if a patient has been treated for their problem by another doctor already. It’s the right thing for the patient, and the right thing for the healthcare system”.

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