700 New Technology Employment Permits

Introduction of 700 New Technology Permits Shows Ireland Is Open For Business – Noone

50% increase in number of permits and 33% decrease in waiting time will help job creation

Senator Noone today praised the introduction of 700 new technology permits that showed “Ireland is open for business”. These changes are part of Action Plan for Jobs 2013, which will see 700 new technology permits as well as an additional 1300 technology graduates in Ireland, and have an ultimate aim of providing Ireland with the highest proportion of ICT graduates as a share of third level graduates by 2018. Under the plan, 1,300 new ICT graduates will come up through the education system while there will be a series of new reforms to the employment permits system.

Senator Noone said: “An increase of 50%, or 700, in the number of employment permits granted over the coming year in the ICT sector is a huge step forward. International research has shown that for every high-tech job created, a further 4-5 jobs are created elsewhere in the economy. And with a reduction of 33% in the processing time for employment permits, it’s clear that these initiatives will result in an increase in talent and skills where they are vitally needed”.
Senator Noone continued: “Since 2011 we have seen more than 11,000 new jobs created in this sector, and that number is only going to continue growing. Currently it is an area with a large unfilled number of jobs, with multinationals such as Paypal admitting that they are finding it hard to fill positions. When these positions are filled, income is earned and taxation is raised. It’s a simple equation.

Senator Noone concluded: “Getting people back to work through activation measures such as these – as well as the education initiatives also in the Action Plan for Jobs 2013 – will ensure that, when it comes to ICT talent, Ireland is on the front foot and we will deliver on our aim of making Ireland the internet capital of Europe”.

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