Time To Incentivise Electric Cars With Reserved Parking

Senator Noone today called on the Minister for Transport to work to expedite the implementation of the Smarter Transport Bill 2011 in order to ensure there are sufficient incentives for people to take up using electric cars. “Electric cars make sense for our environment and our economy, and we can see that currently there are many incentives out there to compel people to buy. There are many clever, cost-free solutions found in the Smarter Transport Bill 2011 which, if implemented, I believe would help push people towards making the choice to drive electric vehicles”.

Senator Noone continued: “For instance, there are a number of blue parking spaces that have sprung up around the city next to electric charging stations. These are intended, primarily, to charge electric cars and are incentivised by free parking being available to them. However, they can also be used by regular vehicles in a pay and display fashion. The problem with this being that, once the parking space is in use, the charger is inaccessible, thus often removing the original incentive for the owner of an electric car as the availability of the charger is in doubt – imagine if a parked car could consistently block access to your local petrol station?”

Senator Noone added: “Contained within the Smarter Transport Bill 2011 is a clever provision which states that there will be “prohibition of the parking of a vehicle in a charging bay when the vehicle is not undergoing charging of its battery”. Unfortunately, this Bill has not been acted on and, as such, I would like to call on the Minister for Transport to get an idea of a timetable for implementation and ask if certain functions of the Bill can be expedited in light of their relatively easy implementation. It would be great if we could have some certainty around this issue, it would provide a boost for the nascent electric car industry and, ultimately, it would hopefully lead to more people purchasing them”.

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