Roaming Charges To Finish In 2014

I would like to welcome the announcement that legislation which would abolish roaming charges would be put before the European Parliament before the next European elections in 2014, therefore ensuring that it can be enacted by July 2014.

I welcome this for a number of reasons. Consumers have, for many years, often found themselves out of pocket by constantly changing roaming fees which can vary hugely from country to country. This legislation puts an end to that uncertainty, and is the sort of common sense consumer-friendly legislation which is what sensible governance is all about.

For those who live close to Northern Ireland, this is also a welcome development, as it now means that people won’t mistakenly find themselves roaming when they are, in fact, in their own local town or village.

I am glad to see that this process is being sped up and that it is expected to be enacted by July 2014. It makes sense to proceed before the European elections in May 2014, as the elections could see an undue delay in this sensible reform. On the whole, this is good for consumers, good for tourists and good for Ireland.

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