Ryanair Puts Money Where Mouth Is And Gives 1,300 Job Boost

“The creation of 1,300 jobs is a shot in the arm for the tourism industry, for Irish workers, for our airports and for the economy”, Fine Gael Senator Catherine Noone said today following the announcement that Ryanair, adding that “it’s clear already that the abolition of the travel tax has already paid off for Ireland.

Speaking about the abolition of the travel tax, Senator Noone said: “It was a regressive move by Fianna Fail which was decried at the time, and held us back in terms of tourism, putting the brakes on at a time when we needed tourists more than ever. It showed a complete lack of vision, and is something I’m glad we were able to reverse in this Budget”.

Senator Noone added: “Tourism has been a shining light in terms of the recovery of the economy. We are breaking records in a number of respects in relation to tourism. 2013 has been a great year for tourism and with this progressive move, I have no doubt that we will be pushing to top it again in 2014”.

Senator Noone concluded: “Ryanair followed through on their promises. They have said for a long time that if the travel tax was abolished, they would do the rest and, sure enough, within weeks, they have. I have no doubt that other airlines will be following Ryanair’s lead in the weeks and months ahead, and that the Irish tourism and aviation sectors will continue to receive boosts from our progressive budgetary policies”.

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