Prompt Signing of Ukraine EU deal Needed

Senator Catherine Noone, Fine Gael’s Seanad Spokesperson on European Affairs, has today (Tuesday) outlined her concern at the impasse surrounding the trade agreement between the Ukraine and Europe. Senator Noone added that she supports the approach being taken by the EU Foreign Relations Chief, Catherine Ashton, who has urged Ukraine to sign the trade agreement.

“The on-going unrest in the Ukraine as a result of the rejection of a trade agreement with Europe continues to be a serious source of concern for the international community. The Ukraine’s demand for up to €28 billion in aid over a number of years as part of the trade agreement ultimately led to the process faltering. But the situation must be resolved.

“We now need to renew the impetus following the comments of both Ms. Ashton as well as President Yanukovych, who has told her he wants a strong EU relationship and is willing to sign an agreement. I fully support’s Ms Ashton’s view that signing the deal as soon as possible is in the best interest of the Ukraine.

“I believe it is also the best thing for the Ukraine to do and, as this unrest continues, I hope that both sides can find a way out of this impasse and that the Ukraine will ultimately sign the trade agreement, which will be most beneficial both for Europe and for the people of the Ukraine.”

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