Fishy Tale Raises Doubts About What We Eat

Dublin Senator Catherine Noone today spoke about the “confusing ambiguity which is prevalent on many take-away menus” following the revelation that over 40% of that which is labelled cod on Dublin take-away menus is, in fact, another type of fish altogether.

Senator Noone said: “For those who love nothing more than a fish and chips every now and then; when they look for fresh cod, they expect fresh cod, not whiting or plaice or hake. If the take-away wants to sell that, they need to label it as such. Anything less is mislabelling. Cod is expensive and takeaways can get away with charging a premium for it while 41% of them are actually supplying a cheaper fish – it’s not on”.

Senator Noone continued: “The worst part of all of this is that this is actually a follow-up study – the original results which were published last year and were widely publicised showed an identical problem. This follow-up study was then conducted by two academics to see if takeaways had changed their ways and it is obvious that many now haven’t”.

Senator Noone concluded: “We need to beef up regulation to ensure that customers are being sold what they actually paid for in the first place. I would also call on industry bodies such as ITICA to play their part and work to actively eradicate this practice”.

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