GPs And Government Need To Come To Understanding

Senator Catherine Noone has today expressed her concern about the low-level of intended uptake among GPs in relation to the Under6 free treatment scheme.

“The scheme, which is intended to provide free medical care to Under 6s initially, but then gradually roll out the service to all children, is part of a modern, preventative healthcare service which will work to ensure that life-threatening illnesses don’t go undetected and that we continue in our ultimate goal of producing a higher-standard health system for people of all ages”.

“However, it is clear that there are deep concerns within the medical community about the ability to cope with the increased numbers of visits involved, with only 3% saying that they will be taking part in a survey revealed today. Indeed, GP friends of my own are expressing grave concerns that they simply wouldn’t be able to cope and may have to opt out of the system entirely”.

“I would urge dialogue and negotiation between medics and the department as soon as possible with regard to the contracts, resources and payments”.

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