Google tax dismissed by expert report

Good news for Ireland as Google tax dismissed by expert report – Noone


Fine Gael Dublin Senator, Catherine Noone, has today (Tuesday) welcomed an expert report delivered to the European Commission which shot down the idea of a Google tax. The report has stated that there should be no specific tax regime for online companies.

“I am glad to see common sense prevailing here. A Google tax would completely hamper Ireland’s growing digital economy, and also hamper European efforts to harness innovation and entrepreneurship. We cannot get into a mindset of putting punitive taxes on companies that are creating employment, growth and economic confidence at a time when we need it more than ever.

“While we want to see a fair level of taxation for all companies, an EU-wide Google tax, as was being advocated, could have been a serious issue for Ireland and our digital economy, and I am glad to see that experts have told the European Commission that it would be best to drop this idea.

“The expert group also suggested that online retailers such as Amazon should pay VAT in the countries they deliver to, rather than where they are headquartered. I believe that we need to make sure that taxation allows competitiveness to continue, and job creation and growth to take place.

“The expert group supports an integrated approach to taxation, such as that proposed under the BEPS process, which is an EU wide framework aiming to ensure that companies pay a fair amount of tax. Ireland is actively engaging in this process and indeed Minister Michael Noonan launched a public consultation on the matter just last week. We are committed to ensuring companies pay the tax they owe, while protecting jobs and investment.”

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