Noone Private Members Bill Would Prevent Concert Chaos

Dublin Senator Catherine Noone, will this month propose a Seanad Private Members Bill to amend the outdoor licensing process and ensure that events with over 10,000 tickets will have to obtain a license prior to tickets going on sale.

“In light of the issue which has arisen in Croke Park, it is clear that the concert licensing process isn’t fit for purpose. What we need now is a change to the process and an ability to allow the Council, residents, promoters and all stakeholders engage in a fair, transparent process prior to tickets going on sale.

“The entirety of the difficulty here is centred on the fact that around 400,000 tickets have been sold without the license having been granted. This presumptive sales process has long been a broken one, and an incident like this was inevitable. Under my proposed change the license would have to be obtained before tickets go on sale. This would only apply to large events over 10,000 people such as the concerts in Croke Park.

“We need to make sure that a situation such as this isn’t allowed to arise again. While some people are completely focussed on just these concerts, the reality is that we need foresight in order to put together regulations which will allow Councils, residents and those who work in the music business to work constructively together on future concert license applications”.

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