Could Smart Meters Move State Agencies Towards 2020 Goal?

It was recently reported that smart meters could both save energy and money for consumers by decreasing usage, in some cases up to €200 per annum. This is a remarkable figure and one which, if implemented across our state agencies, would move us decisively towards our goal of reducing energy consumption within state bodies by one third before 2020: a goal which I fully believe we need to keep working towards, and keep firmly on the agenda.

In 2013, I pointed out that the National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) had decreased its energy usage by 22% per employee in just one year. It was clear then, and it is now, that state bodies could take a leaf out of the NTMA’s book, as it seeks to reduce energy consumption by a third by 2020, and work to implement the same solutions. I similarly believe that the installation of smart meters could bring us towards that goal in a timely fashion.

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