Dublin Bus fare hitting most vulnerable – Noone

Fine Gael Senator for Dublin Bay South, Catherine Noone has expressed her concern at the announcement by Dublin Bus that they are to increase cash fares as this change may affect some of the most vulnerable in Dublin.

“Hot on the heels of a fare rise just ten months ago, this latest fare increase will see the most popular cash fares increase to €5.10 and €5.40 for a return journey. This is going to impact on people significantly – particularly those on lower incomes who don’t receive any kind of transport pass.

“A hike in cash fares will also have a negative effect on young people who cannot afford to top up a Leap card in advance. A young person on JobBridge for example will now see more than half of their €50 supplement hoovered up by Dublin Bus fares. This endangers the incentive to work as an individual can only hope to gain at best €25 per week – despite working a 40 hour week. I believe this is an area for concern.

“The rise of cash fares has been implemented to incentivise conversion to the Leap card and I would encourage everyone who can to do so, but Dublin Bus need to consider the most vulnerable. The fact of the matter is that those who can least afford to pledge a chunk of their income to topping up a Leap card are exactly the kind of people who will be hit hardest by another rise of the cash fare – they are working, maybe part-time, maybe on minimum wage – they need the bus to get to work, they can’t get a free bus pass, they can’t afford to top up a Leap card and now, once again, they are being pinned back by decisions taken by a Dublin Bus management. I think this proposal needs to be seriously reconsidered”.


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