Halloween Cleanups Cost A Lot – We Need To Make Polluters Pay

This cost, which is particularly prevalent given Halloween takes place tonight, is one which is carried by every rate payer and every property tax payer in the City. On this night, Council resources will be stretched to the limit. And the reality is that our rates and our property taxes are used to clean up this mess. Wouldn’t it be better if this money was better used? Wouldn’t it be helpful if litter fines were steeper and this kind of behaviour was deterred?”

Dublin City Council now has a variety of official events right across the city, so there’s no excuse for engaging in the activities of a bygone era, engaging in littering and ruining our greens and parks at the same time, at great cost to the city. I believe, consequently, that a bylaw should be put in place which increases the litter fines issued. Everybody is fed up with littering on our streets, and at Halloween it happens at an industrial scale”.

This happens every year, yet the Councils are powerless to stop it as they simply don’t have the manpower to cover areas. The people who do it, generally tend to get away with it and, instead, it’s up to the Council to clean up the facilities and count up the costs”.

While this is timely now, it’s applicable all year round: litter costs the city and what seems like ‘harmless fun’ ultimately has a price. Every hour spent cleaning debris of bonfires or planting new grass is an hour that could be spent improving our city or cleaning the dreadful litter problem that blights many streets in the inner city – yet this is rarely considered”.


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