Anti-Motorist City Council Needs To Reconsider Moves

Senator Catherine Noone has today criticised the decision of Dublin City Council to close off half of College Green to traffic in order to trial a pedestrian plaza, saying “this represents a seriously anti-bus, anti-motorist and anti-commuter move from Dublin City Council”.

Speaking on the issue, Senator Noone said: “Not alone will many bus routes now be squeezed into one lane, where they’re already choked in a two-lane setup, but cars will also all be squeezed into one lane each way in this new setup, it’s madness.

Senator Noone pointed out that this is just the latest move which will squeeze traffic coming into the city: “This move comes alongside the recent proposal to reduce the traffic from Castleknock and West Dublin to one lane instead of two along the North Quays in order to accommodate a two-way cycle lane: again, this is a regressive, anti-bus, anti-commuter move”.

Senator Noone added: “While I understand we need to work to improve our pedestrian and cycling infrastructure, it seems entirely premature to just try to squeeze bus and road traffic entirely in order to make this work. Put simply, there are a great many people who, for a great many reasons, can’t cycle or walk to work, and I’m not sure these moves will help the maximum number of people. In fact, when you look at the two moves together, one can’t help feel that Dublin looks like an increasingly anti-bus, anti-commuter city”.

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