“Love Ulster” March Chaos Should Not Be Repeated

Senator Catherine Noone has today called on “Love Ulster” campaigner Willie Frazer to reconsider plans for a ‘Love Ulster’ march on O’Connell Street, fearing a repeat of the clashes seen in 2006. Speaking on the issue, Senator Noone said: “Most Dubliners remember the absolute chaos that unfolded on our streets, at cost to both the taxpayer and the city’s reputation, in 2006 when the march ended with clashes between republican demonstrators and Gardai on O’Connell Street, and most Dubliners would not want our city to see that sort of thing again”.

Senator Noone continued: “While I fully accept it is their right to march, and also accept that they were not responsible for much of the damage caused in 2006, I believe that they would be doing themselves and the city a service if they decided against holding another such march in Dublin City”.

Senator Noone added: “I am not opposed to peaceful marches or protests, however I do feel that given the history associated with this event, it would be wise for the organisers to reconsider their stance and perhaps defer it for another time”.

“I note that Dublin City Council will be voting on this issue this evening, and while this motion won’t be binding in any respect, it might allow for cooler heads to prevail”, concluded Senator Catherine Noone.

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