Tenants should not be second class citizens

Tenants should not be second class citizens – Noone

“Tenants should not be treated as second class citizens in the housing market,” according to Fine Gael Senator Catherine Noone. Senator Noone said today that renting must become a viable alternative to home ownership.

“The recent attention on the Central Bank’s mortgage regulations obscures the fact that for many young people home ownership is a long way off and their reality for the foreseeable future is renting. For some people renting is also a choice and this needs to be recognised and supported.

“We have a responsibility to make renting a viable alternative to ownership as it is in most comparable cities across the world, and not just a stop gap measure to bridge the gap between leaving the family home and buying a house.

“Tenants need more security including making long term tenancy attractive for landlords. They need rent certainty with the possibility of increases linked to a specific index or capped at a certain percentage of the original rent agreement over a number of years.

“Landlords need incentives to make this happen too. Most importantly, being a landlord should be treated and supported as a legitimate business or career.

“The Minister for Environment, Alan Kelly, has indicated that he the Governments is looking at ways to increase tenants rights through incentives for landlords. This is the correct approach but it needs to take into account that renting can be a long-term choice and an alternative to home ownership. Solutions must take into account this fact and not just be a short term solution to the current shortage of housing supply.


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