For Commuters, NRA M50 Charges Are A Heavy Toll – Noone

“I am disappointed to see that the tired idea of multi-point tolling on the M50 has been set forward by the NRA yet again as the supposed solution that nobody asked due to increasing traffic on the M50. In my opinion, it’s not a good idea, and is one that will punish workers who are already ‘paying per km’ in a huge way by means of fuel taxes”.

Senator Noone continued: “I know a number of people who live along or near the M50, whether it’s in Carpenterstown or Castleknock, who would have concerns about multi-point tolling and that, even if we are told that it could be cheaper, most people know that the reality will see them paying more – and set against the backdrop of road tax, petrol prices going up, it’s just not something people want to see”.

Senator Noone added: “There’s also a concern about traffic displacement if the tolls become more expensive as a consequence of multi-point tolling – and moving traffic into residential areas in and around the M50. I know that for people in and around Castleknock and the Phoenix Park, this is a point of concern.

Senator Noone concluded: “The NRA in their own report suggest that measures such as varying the tolls based on peak times is something that could be done in conjunction with multi-point tolling systems being introduced. However, the question has to be asked: why can’t this be done now, in the same way as it’s done for the Port Tunnel? Surely there are ways of reducing tailbacks and congestion without the all-too-easy mantra of “let’s charge more”. It seems clear that demand management measures do need to be considered, however we need to take a holistic approach to this”.


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