Roaming Abolition Delay And Compromise Is “A Bad Deal For Europeans” – Noone

Senator Catherine Noone has today spoken out against the ‘continued watering down’ of EU roaming blahblah.
Senator Noone said: “Given that, in recent months, MEPs in all nations have been proclaiming the end of roaming charges, the delay of its implementation until the end of 2018 has been a huge disappointment. Initially, it was promised that there would be an interim package which would see substantial savings for consumers but now we see that this, too, is being watered down”.

Senator Noone added: “When this roaming fee abolition deal was being trumpeted over the last number of years, we all said how it was a great example of how the EU could improve the lot of the average citizen. However, we now see that this back and forth, with delays and broken promises, is an example of the worst aspects of the EU: dithering, indecisive, gridlocked”.

Senator Noone continued: “This further watering down of the interim packages between now and 2018 are further eroding my confidence in this process. Parliament was initially keen to ban roaming charges altogether in 2015, but during the term presidency has suggested a two-year transition period from 2016, with an outright ban slated for December 2018. Then it was proposed that there would be a transition period with 100 minutes, 100 SMS messages and 200 megabytes per year.

Now, telecoms companies have made a counter offer which will provide users with at least 40 minutes each of voice calls received and made, 40 SMS messages and 80 megabytes of data per calendar year. You can see that this is a substantially worse deal for consumers on the face of it, and it’s clear that we need to go back to the negotiating table and work harder on this. The abolition of roaming fees was supposed to have happened by now, yet all we see are the European institutions being strong armed by the telecoms lobby”, Senator Noone concluded.


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