Weekly Update

Time For Tougher Mandatory Sentencing For Offences Against Gardai – This week alone, we have seen two dreadful incidents which hammer home both the daily difficulty of life as a member of An Garda Síochána and also the absurd lack of mandatory sentencing for offences against Gardaí. We need to toughen up substantially on this, I believe – http://catherinenoone.ie/2015/06/10/time-for-tougher-mandatory-sentencing-for-offences-against-gardai/

Public Meeting On Childhood and Obesity – On Saturday, I will be speaking at a public meeting organised by Kildare’s Cllr. McLoughlin-Healy on obesity. It’s an important issue, and one which I have consistently addressed in the Seanad. One point worth noting is that the Report of the National Taskforce on Obesity is now ten years old. A 2009 review of its execution found only partial implementation of its recommendations had been achieved. It’s clear we now need a new National Taskforce on Obesity and need to reactivate the original intentions of the aims – http://catherinenoone.ie/2015/06/11/obesity-and-childhood-discussion/

Inheritance Tax Reduction Needed – Ireland has the 7th highest inheritance tax rate in the OECD and it’s clear that the rates have now become punitive. I believe we need to look at easing this burden, raising the threshold at which it kicks in, and also lowering the level of interest paid for those who choose to pay in instalments – http://catherinenoone.ie/2015/06/11/inheritance-tax/

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