Report raises fears that e-cigarettes could be disguising cannabis use – Noone

Dublin Senator and Fine Gael candidate for Dublin West Catherine Noone, has said today (Thursday) that a recent report in the US raises fears that some young people could be using e-cigarettes to disguise cannabis use.

“This report, published this month in the health journal ‘Pediatrics’, has found that one in five American students are using e-cigarettes to inhale cannabis in a vaporised form. This is obviously far from their intended purpose.

“This report raises fears that Irish teenagers are doing the same and is surely a concern for both parents and medical professionals alike. In my view it poses a real health risk, while also completely disguising the use of cannabis. The research is worrying, especially against the backdrop of the rapidly accelerating use of e-cigarettes in Ireland.

“I welcome new rules for e-cigarette advertisements which have been announced today by the Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland (ASAI). The new rules mean that marketing for e-cigarettes should be socially responsible and should contain nothing which promotes the use of tobacco products, or shows the use of a tobacco product in a positive light.

“It’s clear that clarity and regulations are needed soon in relation to e-cigarettes, as this has gone unchecked for too long. It’s also clear that people need to be aware of this potential secondary use for e-cigarettes for inhaling cannabis, and it is this awareness which I wish to raise.”

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