Larger cigarette packets pose additional health risk

I have condemned the recent appearance of larger packets of cigarettes on shelves – some containing as many as 28 per packet.

As far as I’m concerned, this is a blatant attempt by cigarette makers to get people smoking more. As anyone who knows a smoker knows, they measure their consumption in packs per week and by creating larger packs, they are inviting people with a serious addiction to increase their consumption, by up to 40%.

This Government has been working to stamp out the uptake of this habit and has worked hard on initiatives like plain packaging. However, I believe that these larger packs pose a risk all of their own, by incentivising people to increase how much they smoke. The cigarette makers are taking advantage of their addicted customers to improve their bottom line, as fewer and fewer young people take up the habit.

This Government needs to push back and continue the drive to reduce smoking and reduce the number of young people taking up smoking.

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