Super Troopers

I have previously highlighted the fact that 80% of children are not achieving the daily recommended quota of exercise. As such, I am delighted a new schools physical activity program- entitled Super Trooper – was launched today.

It’s a free activity program, funded by Laya Health Care and developed by teachers for teachers. The program was piloted last year and has had a very positive response.

Research from the Pilot has shown 379 national school teachers and almost 1,000 parents nationwide indicate that the Super Troopers programme which incorporates activity homework has been a success, with 71% of teachers and 70% of parents confirming that taking part in Super Troopers resulted in an increase in children’s daily activity levels.
One in four teachers remarking that children’s concentration levels improved as a result of the programme.

Children are feeling the benefits too, with 57% kids aged 4-12 years admitting to eating more fruit and veg because of Super Troopers, 64% of children say they are drinking more water and almost half spend more time playing games.

It is vital children get used to being active at a young age. It’s all about preventative health and the good of our nation.


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