Transparency On Electricity Costs Needed

Senator Catherine Noone today called for electricity companies across Ireland to come together and create an industry website which would clearly and simply allow people to compare packages between companies in a way that they can understand.

Speaking on the matter, Senator Noone said: “Cost comparison websites already exist – however, it’s clear that they are deeply confusing for consumers, and lead to inertia when it comes to changing company”.

Senator Noone said: “New research released by the ESB themselves has revealed that half of Irish people don’t understand what the main cost elements are that make up their electricity bill, so it’s clear there is absolute uncertainty among consumers”.

Senator Noone concluded: “I believe it’s time that we shone a light on the electricity market and allowed people to make clearer, more straightforward cost comparisons. The current systems, with varying minimum contracts and varying tariffs, not to mention the fact that people find it difficult to translate a kilowatt hour into a real-world domestic use, mean that people are simply reluctant to change”.

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