Fine Gael is committed to supporting hotels and restaurants

The employment hotels and restaurants provide, is vitally important to the growth of local economies and Fine Gael is committed to supporting them. I have always campaigned for a special 9% VAT rate for restaurants and I’m delighted that in the Fine Gael manifesto we have committed to retaining this hugely successful 9% VAT rate, providing that prices remain competitive

I also feel it’s important that hotels and restaurants are supported by Government to provide customers with more healthy choices. The recent Healthy Ireland survey showed that 60% of Irish people are overweight and research has also found that 95% of consumers in Ireland want calorie count of meals displayed on menus.

I feel that all restaurants who have set menus that do not change regularly, should strive to display calories on menus. However I do know that this isn’t an easy change for businesses to make, particularly those with changing menus. As I have said before, establishments who change their menu regularly should be not be required to display calories and least of all those who change their menu daily.

Fine Gael is committed to supporting hotels and restaurants to help them continue to survive and thrive and I will continue to represent hotels and restaurants in the best way possible.

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