Proposed new EU measures would improve online shopping for Irish consumers

I strongly welcome proposed new EU measures will greatly improve online shopping for Irish consumers.
The European Commission has introduced proposed measures aimed at tackling geo-blocking. This is where the consumer is blocked, to some extent, from buying goods or services from an EU-based company. This includes restricting access to websites or rerouting people to national versions of the site and denying the ability to purchase or deliver.

Geoblocking may also involve altering prices depending on where the query is coming from, or denying access to special offers. For example Disneyland Paris was exposed for offering different prices for holiday packages depending on what country you’re from.

Consumers unfortunately are often unaware of geoblocking and even if they are they don’t know how they can complain or what they can do.

It’s great to see the European Commission is now looking to tackle this problem and bring online sales under the scope of Single Market rules. These proposals will now require consideration and formal adoption by both the European Parliament and Council before they can take force. I hope, for the sake of Irish online shoppers, that this can all be done as quickly as possible.

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