Crumlin Children’s Hospital Serving Sugar-laden Meals To Sick Children Is Unacceptable

In a speech in the Seanad this week, I highlighted the fact that Crumlin Children’s hospital is still serving sugar- laden foods such to children as young as 15- months. This is despite recommendations from International Health organisations that babies and children under two should have zero sugar intake.
According to a prominent study by the American Heart Association, strong evidence supports the association of added sugars with increased cardiovascular disease risk in children
Research has also shown that by adding sugar to a baby’s food, essentially you increase the sweet cravings. As the baby grows, he or she would eat only those foods laced with sugar and can refuse to accept any other foods.
High sugar in baby food also significantly increases the risk of tooth decay in babies and can increase the risk of obesity and diabetes in the future years.
The irony of this is that sick children are being served disease-inducing sugary foods in a state health facility whilst a large sugar awareness poster hangs in its corridors.
Although I strongly commend Minister Simon Harris announcing his prioritise the improvement of quality of hospital food a few months ago – the process is taking far too long . As such I am now calling for this initiative to be fast- tracked as a matter of urgency.

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