Vaping found to be 95% safer than smoking

This week I spoke on vaping in Ireland and the benefits it may provide to those looking to quit smoking.

The Public Health England review, found that vaping is approximately 95% safer than smoking.

Meanwhile according to Vape Business Ireland, 99% of those who vape, are ex-smokers. Among those who have successfully quit smoking – 32% used vaping products.

It is fair to conclude therefore that contrary to the notion that vaping is the gateway to smoking – in reality it is proving to be a successful aid to smokers to quit.

As such, I am calling on the Government to clarify its position on vaping. If continually placed in the same group as cigarettes, and regulated as such, the benefits that vaping offers will not and cannot be reached.

It’s imperative we do all we can to tackle smoking in Ireland – an addiction that kills half of smokers per year.

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