More Spot Checks Needed To Clamp Down On Rogue Christmas Tree Vendors

Today I called for an increase in the amount of spot checks on unlicensed Christmas tree sellers following an rise in the number of rogue vendors selling Christmas trees illegally.
There are numerous Christmas tree sellers all over country at this time of year providing for Ireland’s Christmas festivities. Those who are playing by the rules and paying VAT are unfairly losing out to those who aren’t.
Garden centers make a significant portion of their yearly profit during the month of December through the sales of Christmas trees. These sales can be crucial to licensed businesses to get them through the quieter months of January and February.
It is my understanding that licensed sellers in a number of areas have been badly affected this year as a result of the unprecedented number of unlicensed vendors. Some garden centers in the area have seen their sales fall to a little as half of last year’s turnovers as an unprecedented number of rogue vendors have descended on the area.
Spot checks were carried out last year and were hugely successful in getting unlicensed sellers off the street. However, it appears that rogue vendors are back with a vengeance this year – as such, I am calling for an increase in the number of spot checks in order protect those who are playing by the rules.

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