We need to redouble efforts to combat drink driving

The Garda’s records on its PULSE database captured 1,995,369 breath tests carried out between 2012 and 2016. However, the bureau’s records show 1,058,157 tests during that period.

When you calculate the amount of arrests for drink driving since 2012 – the figure is 40,668 approx. Based on the new figures this represents nearly 4% of all those randomly breath-tested. As a percentage, this is almost double of what we originally believed the arrest rate was before last week’s revelations.

As such, it is more imperative than ever we re-double our efforts to combat drink driving -both through increased awareness but also through heavier enforcement of the existing legislation. We can’t allow complacency to creep in when lives are at stake.

When random breath testing came to law in 2006, the RSA estimated that 92 lives were saved that year. The legislation is working – we just need to ensure it is enforced.

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