Genealogy Testing as a Tourism Initiative

I  came  across a very interesting community project in Kilkenny, which is connecting people abroad of Irish descent with their ancestral homelands by way of a simple DNA test.

Last year 22 Genealogy Tourists came to North Kilkenny as a direct result of one person in the locality having taken a simple and painless saliva test.  Over the coming month, the project is expecting 5 separate groups who will be remaining in the area for over a week.

I believe there is great  genealogy tourism potential of the Government getting involved either by means of
subsidising or refunding test cost if a visit is made or providing funding for  free testing to approximately 10 people in each village in the country with a genetic family history in the locality.

I have called on Minister Ross to consider this initiative as I think it could potentially attract a substantial additional cohort of tourists  who may not have travelled here otherwise.



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