Whilst I welcome the end of roaming charges, I am calling on providers to inform users of data limits

Today (Thursday) I  called on network providers to text customers each time they travel in the EU with information on data allowances and surplus charges following the implementation of new legislation.

I welcome the end to roaming charges for calls and texts across the EU which has come into effect today. I have long supported and advocated for this legislation to come into effect. Not only will it support tourism across the EU, but it will also demonstrate the benefits of being a member state of the EU.

Following the announcement of the ‘roam like at home’ legislation, many network users may be of the understanding that this includes data allowances, in addition to calls and texts. However, a significant portion of Irish mobile phone users will only be entitled to a small percentage of their data allowance when travelling in the EU.

Roaming charges are a significant source of network providers’ revenue. Therefore, it can only be expected that a number of providers will considerably limit their users’ data allowance when travelling within the EU. Once users go over this allowance they will be charged extremely costly surplus rates, regardless of their data allowance plan at home.

Therefore, I am calling on all network providers operating in the Republic of Ireland to inform their users of their data allowances when travelling within the EU via text or email. Despite information being available on network provider websites, many consumers may not be aware that limitations of data usages and large surplus charges are even possible under the legislation.

As such, these network providers should inform their customers of their entitlements and possible charges when travelling within the EU via email or text in due course to promote consumer awareness. Although the new legislation may have been highlighted to consumers in the past by network providers, they should work to ensure consumers understand the limitations of their plans following the implementation of legislation today.


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