I Have Called for the Introduction of Nutri-Scoring in Ireland

Each product is given points, positive and negative, relative to the levels of sugars, proteins, fat, fibre etc in the food. The sum of these elements then determines what Nutri-Score the product receives, ranging from ‘A’ to ‘E’ and colour coded from green to red.
After extensive testing in France, the Nutri-Score rating proved more effective in convincing consumers to buy better rated food, than any other system, including the traffic light system.
It was particularly effective among consumers who buy low priced products. As we know this group of people is particularly at risk of obesity with 2 for 1 and other such deals making it easier to make unhealthy choices.
As a result of the positive testing, Nutri-Score rating was adopted in Frances earlier this year.
I have highlighted that the simple, easy to understand labelling of Nutri-Score is fast and effective in the market place and could make a real difference here in Ireland.
By 2025, Ireland will be among the most obese nations in Europe, with 33% of the population affected. We must act now to avoid the worst consequences for our people and also our health system.
Measures such as the Nutri-Score rating are not only easily implemented but help consumers make fast and informed decisions that are best for their health. Nutri-Score is a positive step toward obesity prevention and I want to see it introduced here in Ireland. I am writing to the Food Safety Authority of Ireland in relation to this matter.

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