Time To Overhaul The TV Licence System

The current model of the TV Licence system is broken and needs to be overhauled as a matter of priority, according to Fine Gael Senator Catherine Noone.
At present the TV Licence system is not fit for purpose. We need to find new and creative ways to make the system more efficient and equitable.
A more progressive system could be achieved by charging every home a modest fee per medium it uses, perhaps €4 per month. This would result in every household paying for what they get.
This system would mean a household receiving just broadband would pay €48 per year, while a home using a landline and broadband would pay a total of €96 per year and so on. In many cases this would significantly reduce the amount paid from the current flat rate of €160.
Introducing this measure would also expand the eligibility of the fee to every home nationwide, rather than the current requirement that the home must have a TV.
This is completely outdated as many people now rely on laptops and streaming, a trend that is likely to grow.
Moreover, this new system makes collection much simpler, as it would be collected by Telecoms companies, thus doing away with the need for the ‘TV Licence Inspector’.
By dramatically rethinking our approach to this issue, we can transform the system into one which is fairer, more effective and more inclusive, ensuring that we can continue to fund our services into the future.

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