Time To Introduce a Deposit System on Plastic Bottles

I have called for the introduction of a deposit system on plastic bottles to encourage recycling.

This would require consumers to pay an extra fee depending on the type of bottle or can, which will be returned to them when they recycle it.

Such a system has been highly successful in Scandinavian countries, US states and Germany, with recycling points in shops and public spaces.

Globally, one million plastic bottles are sold every minute, many of which are used only once. Less than half of these bottles will be recycled causing major damage to the environment.

By incentivising recycling we can make a real impact on the amount of waste we produce as a society.

Ireland is currently Europe’s largest producer of plastic waste per capita. We must do everything we can to ensure that we reverse this trend.

Through measures such as the deposit system we can put Ireland on the path to becoming a leader in plastic recycling.

We have a responsibility to provide a sustainable future to coming generations, caring for the environment is one way we can do this and recycling plastic can play a key role in that endeavour.

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